Thibault + Erica

It was the beginning of the year 2012 when Thibault and Erica first met. January 5 to be exact. It was the first day of Arabic class when they were introduced and from then on they became friends and started hanging out. Thibault hails from the South of France and Erica as a Filipino born found their way to each other in the middle east. Their enthusiasm to learn the local Arabic language brought them together followed by constant desert trips, boat trips, campings, offroads and night outs that they’ve shared with their other classmates from different nationalities. Thibault has been persistent to pursue Erica and eventually won her heart just before their first travel abroad. Since then, they’ve been travelling together, exploring different cultures and at the same time building a good foundation for their relationship. Finally, Thibault has decided that Erica is the girl for him so he made his proposal last August 1, 2014 in his hometown in France which Erica gladly accepted. They plan to settle down after Thibault finishes his Pilot course in about one and a half year.  Their story proves that the language of love is the best way to communicate to one’s soul.