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The ABA Atelier. Growing from the experiences of the past, and building upon the essential quality of the magazine have been the two major aims of the panel this quarter.


Nonetheless, we have still stood undaunted in the quest for Enrichment, Encourage-ment, and Enforcement, the three E’s that define the purpose of the maga-zine. Enrichment that was not just confined to the community, but one that penetrated into the internal panel that guided and monitored the function-ing of the magazine, which was not just a work of art but also the voice of some of the most ingenious minds in school. Work experience, creative ex-ploration with a navigational support, and above all learning that happened with the sharing of inter-personal ideas and ideologies are aspects that fellow mates had the privilege of being a part of. Encouragement rendered itself in the form of a platform to aspiring artists, designers and writers within the community. And fi-nally, enforcement of the very significance of an artistic outlet that illustrates the nature of an era.
Art, culture, and fashion, which are tangible manifestations of a society, were routed towards those who define the course of our very society- The women. Thus, it was exploring, celebrating, and learning from the lives of some phenomenal women that enriched our panel, and will hope-fully enrich our readers. Thus, this issue is a tribute to the women of today, to the aspiring and inspirational czarinas of innate bountifulness, beauty, and boldness.

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